Thursday, December 10, 2009

Industries that our Hiring

Article by Matthew Maillet

While many economic indicators suggest that job openings in ALL industries are declining, the truth is that several US sectors are hiring qualified candidates. There’s no need to let the 10% unemployment rate deter you from being successful—instead, focus on growing industries such as health care and some professional service sectors. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that health care will see 4 million new employees by 2018, while business services will also see an impressive 4.2 million added employees.

It’s important however to focus on the specific areas within these industries that demand new workers. For example, qualified home health care aids are in high demand. Home health care is a rapidly growing trend in the United States, so as a result, thousands of jobs are for the taking. Another health care sector that needs new hires is social assistance—especially for the baby boomers.

It is important to look at future trends before choosing a career path. Even though students may feel restricted to their academic major, this does not mean that you are out of luck It will just take more planning and wise decision-making if you wish to find a secure job.

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